Sophie Bellwood

Account Manager

Joined 2015

Best thing about working at O&B:

The people I work with and the support I get, being out on sites daily and learning about the projects my clients are building

Have you seen the company improve in the time you’ve been here?

Yes, there’s definitely been a lot more social media coverage and efforts to get our name out there more, which I think has been evident in recent times.

Give an example of how the company have helped you progress in your role?

By working alongside the Leeds Branch Manager, I have learnt better and more efficient ways of working. We have a great database of candidates at our disposal which makes it easier to fill client’s vacancies.

What makes us better than other places you’ve worked at?

Excellent database of tried and tested candidates, we take the time meet candidates down to site on their first day, enabling us to make sure they have correct PPE and ID before delivering them to site, which also allows us to have more face to face interaction with our clients.

What would you say to anyone considering working for O’Neill & Brennan?

Unlike other agencies I’ve worked for it’s not about being chained to your desk making sales calls, it’s about getting out meeting people and seeing sites, telling them about our company and the services we offer. I learn about the projects first hand therefore can tell candidates exactly what they will be doing which makes it easier for me to fit the client’s needs. Working for O&B is an easy sell to me as I believe in what we offer and the good service we provide.

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