Kevin Callan

Assistant Quantity Surveyor

Joined 2015

What are the best things about working at O’Neill & Brennan?

For me, the best thing about working with O’Neill & Brennan is the fact that although I am a recent-graduate from a non-construction degree, I was rapidly incorporated into the Surveying team and have been brought along to the level where I am given the task of managing smaller sites, with the view to progressing onto larger projects. Along with this, I am entrusted to go on site visits and liaise directly with high-level clients. I can clearly see that I am upskilling to the benefit of both the company and the to my own personal development, and the work I am doing is of import and directly impacts the performance and perception of O’Neill & Brennan.

How have you seen O’Neill & Brennan improve in the time you’ve been here?

In my time at O’Neill & Brennan, I have seen the O&B Academy and training drive really come into its own. There is a renewed emphasis on organic expansion, based on recruiting quality candidates with the drive to work hard and upskill themselves. This ambition is also reflected in office moves into more open-plan, comfortable spaces in Potters Bar and Euston which promotes whole-company communication and cohesiveness.

Give an example of how the company has helped you progress in your role.

I count myself very privileged that O’Neill & Brennan have responded to my enthusiasm for betterment by committing to supporting me through an online course in the Fundamentals of Quantity Surveying, offered by the RICS. Upon completion, this was followed by a two-year day release scheme where I am given a day a week to attend a part time Masters degree in Quantity Surveying in London South Bank University, all sponsored by O’Neill & Brennan. This formal training is paired with on the job experience where I am progressively tasked with more responsibilities as and when I can handle them. I am receiving well rounded training here and can see a clear path to advancing within my desired career as a Surveyor.

What makes us better than other places you’ve worked at?

What I personally appreciate about O’Neill & Brennan is the team-ethos which I had not experienced to the same extent in my previous roles. You are placed with a group, many of whom began as new recruits and are ready to show you the ropes. The line-managers are all highly competent and do reward effort with mentorship.

What would you say to anyone considering working for O’Neill & Brennan?

I would say that this is a tight-knit, common sense company where consistent effort and initiative soon gets noticed and there is great scope for earning internal advancement. I would also note that I studied a non-construction related course, but I was taken on board due to my personal qualities. I am glad that I made the move into construction, an industry with an undue image problem, but is highly dynamic and varied and which has excellent employment opportunities in roles that those outside the industry are often unaware of.

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