Alina Solcan


Joined 2016

What are the best things about working at O’Neill & Brennan?

I enjoy everything about my job, from my colleagues I work with to the daily tasks and challenges I get to tackle, there’s never a dull moment.

How have you seen O’Neill & Brennan improve in the time you’ve been here?

The company was already in very good standing when I came in but improvements are always being made as they’re required. Everyone is always pulling together to do a great job!

Give an example of how the company has helped you progress in your role.

The support I’ve got from the team I work with has been the best help I have ever received. Learning my from colleagues has benefitted me greatly and helped me to progress and be more confident in what I do.

What makes us better than other places you’ve worked at?

Everything. I can’t compare the other companies I worked at with this one. I believe O’Neill & Brennan is unique.

What would you say to anyone considering working for O’Neill & Brennan?

Of course I will say that is a very good opportunity to start a job and I will definitely recommend the company as the best one. O’Neill and Brennan provide ample opportunities to progress with the best people around you- you can transform a simple job to a career.

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